Supporting Slovak game developers


Slovak Game Developers Association was formed from the lack of body that could represent game developers in Slovakia, their needs, promote projects on a global market, negotiate with strategic partners, accelerate the business and bring opportunities directly to game developers.

Founding Team

Filip Fischer

Supporting game development communities and start-up scene building co-working spaces Game Dev Hub. In the past he co-founded Pixel Federation the biggest studio in Slovakia employing nearly 200 developers.

Marián Ferko

Co-founder of the oldest game development studio - Cauldron, shipped more than 20 titles in the last 15 years for all gaming platforms.

Pavol Buday

Helps game developers with visibility and awareness leveraging journalistic background and vast network of contacts.

Marcel Klimo

Marcel teaches companies and gamers how to use the power of games and play to solve personal and business problems.

Adam Šabla

Product designer with track record of a number of apps, co-founder of an indie studio and software company focused on animation tools

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